About Grand Valley Lodging

Grand Valley Lodging is a property management company located in Teton Valley Idaho. Our office is in the town of Driggs at 158 North 1st East Street. Normal business hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, and Saturdays by appointment. The office is closed Sundays and Holidays, however special arrangements can be made in advance to open the office for clients or owners.

Adrienne Nagy

Adrienne Nagy grew up a solid Midwest girl in Indiana, getting her degree in Anthropology from Indiana University. Her passion for animals helped her split careers between zoo keeping and animal shelters. In 2010 the lure of the mountains got her as far as Utah, where she secured the highly coveted liftie position at Solitude Ski Resort. In 2013 she discovered Teton Valley and fell in love. She and her boyfriend recently purchased a home, and enjoy the company of their hound dog Eddy and their golden girl cat Blanche. She fills her minimal spare time (she is a worker bee!) with running, biking, hiking, skiing, and anything she can do on a river!

Stacy Bodis

Stacy Bodis spent most of her youth outdoors in wonderful Wisconsin. After graduating with honors from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN with degrees in Business Management, Psychology, and a minor in Accounting, she arrived in Teton Valley in 1994 with pickup truck full of her stuff to spend a winter. She is still in love with the Valley today. She happily gained employment at Grand Valley Lodging in 1996. She enjoys skiing, backpacking, and hiking with her dog Bugaloo.

Crystal Bunch

Crystal Bunch is Grand Valley Lodging’s self-proclaimed Junior Agent! After living all over including Seattle and Lopez Island in WA she relocated to Teton Valley in the fall of 2011 and doesn’t plan on leaving. Interests include real books (very firm on the real), animals (mystical or real, doesn’t matter) West coast coffee, trees, camping, and quilting. She finds plenty of time to enjoy them during the long Teton Valley winters. She currently resides with her husband and their 2 dogs Syndey, and Birdie, their cat Steven, and their 3 fish Axel, Rose, and Slash.

Mike Sleep

Mike Sleep is originally from Sandpoint, Idaho but has spent a decent amount of time living in and traveling the majority of the state. Growing up on Schweitzer Mountain in the winters and Lake Pend Oreille in the summers, with later summers spent fighting forest fires out of Bonners Ferry Ranger District, Mike is always looking for those sunny summer days to get out on the trails either on foot or mountain bike.


Piper was a resident at the Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter until her little heart (and ours) was warmed in 2011, finding her loving forever home at the Grand Valley Lodging office. Since then Piper has become an exceptional office assistant, putting in a solid 40 hours per week, and is particularly interested in the copy and fax machines. As you can see, she does fit well into her office chair. All new leases should have at least one cat print to be considered complete.